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Sound English® apps allow students to practise reading in privacy, and in their own time.

The apps present the same text and pictures used in the books and CDROM-based software. The student taps the speaker icon to hear the whole page read. Each word is underlined while it is spoken by a human voice.

A single word can be heard by tapping on it. It will be spoken in a diffferent voice to that used for the sentence. This provides extra aural clues and variations that help students clarify nuances in the sounds.

In Levels 1A (books 1-10) and 1B (books 11-20), if this word contains the phoneme featured in the book it will be spoken first, then the whole word.

System requirements: iOS 4.3 or later

Apps are only available from the App Store.

  Preliminary Level
(10 books)
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  Level 1A
(Books 1-10)
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  Level 1B
(Books 11-20)
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Android® versions are not yet available.

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