*The Preliminary pack does not
include spelling activities.
















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Sound English Software

Using many learning strategies, the Sound English software allows students to hear and practise the sounds, rhythms and flow of Australian English.

This software presents the text and pictures of the books, along with questions, activities and spelling exercises*.

The computer can speak every word and sentence in human voices. Students can also write their own version of the story, hear it read by the computer and print it.
If required, each student’s progress can be tracked at every stage.


What does each package include?

Each level offers Reading, Questions, Activities and Writing.
Level 1 packages also include Spelling.


Each word is underlined while it is spoken by a human voice.
Students may click on any word to hear that word and see the sound highlighted.

In Level 1 the phoneme being introduced in each book is coloured wherever it is used, just as in the printed version. Students can listen to a sentence and or word over and over, as many times as they need to.



Every book has a set of questions that focus on helping the student understand the content. Images and text from the book are used wherever appropriate.



There is a set of activities for each book, each aimed at practising a particular aspect of the reading process. Instructions are spoken. Students can click on any word or sound to hear it again.



Students can gain confidence from writing their own version of a book, then hearing the computer read their text. (Text-to-speech facilities in the computer's operating system need to be enabled to read the text aloud.)
Their work can be printed, complete with the illustrations, if a printer is available.


Spelling           (Level 1 books)

Students are offered a variety of spelling activities using the words in each book.
Clues and assistance are made available when required.


Record-keeping facilities for the teacher

Teachers have protected access to comprehensive options, control panels and a record-keeping system for each student.


Sound English® software works with Windows (Windows XP and later) and Macintosh (OS X 10.5.x to 11.x, but NOT with OS X 12 onwards). It is easily configured to run on networks.


Mobile devices


Apps that provide the Reading activities are available for the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®.



Pack Single user Site Licence [?]
Preliminary Level $49.50 $99
Level 1 Books 1-10 $49.50 $99
Level 1 Books 11-20 $49.50 $99






Same-day shipping: $8 (any quantity within Australia)





• Is there software planned for Level 2?
No. There is much more text in the Level 2 books and the format of the software doesn't suit these books.

• What is a site licence?

A single copy of the software entitles the purchaser to install it on one computer. This is a "Single User Licence".

The purchase of two copies of the same package allows an educational institution to install that package on an unlimited number of computers at a single campus of that institution. This is a "Site Licence" and appropriate documentation for software audit purposes is included with the order.

For example, purchasing two copies of the Level 1 Books 1-10 package automatically grants the purchasing institution a site licence to install Level 1 Books 1-10 on networks and/or an unlimited number of computers on one campus.


Lending Library Editions

We regret that Lending Library Editions are no longer available.