Some students feel more comfortable working in private on their own computer rather than a public one. We have therefore developed the Sound English Software Lending Library editions for use by borrowers registered with public and educational institution libraries.

How does it work?
Borrowers may take the package home and install the software on their computer. (Windows and Mac versions are on the same CDROM.) At the end of the library's normal borrowing period an on-screen notice reminds the borrower that the loan must now be returned, and the software stops working.

When ordering, we need two vital pieces of information because each CD-ROM is individually tailored to each library's needs.

1. Please state the name of the library exactly as you wish it to appear on the borrower's screen. There is a limit of 29 characters, including spaces.

2. The length of the borrowing period in days. This can't be altered once the CD-ROM is prepared, but for a nominal fee we can swap the original CD-ROM for a replacement if the lending period ever needs to be altered.

Allow 10 days for these orders to be filled as we need to produce customised disks.

Packaging is a standard DVD pack. When (not if!) a disk becomes damaged, we can swap it for a new one for a nominal fee.

Each Lending Library package (ten books in each package) costs the same as the site licence version ($198), plus $8 freight per order (any quantity).

Ordering and enquiries
Please contact us by email or phone.