Level 1 books

Level 1 and Level 2 books have been structured to introduce the 44 phonemes (phonics) of Australian English.
Taken in numerical order, each book in Levels 1 and 2 introduces new phonemes, and reinforces both the phonemes and words used in earlier books.
The text in Level 2 books is more complex than that used in Level 1.
All books have detailed illustrations in full colour to assist with comprehension of the text.

Level 1 books

These are available individually or in packs of ten:

   Level 1 Pack A: Books   1-10

   Level 1 Pack B: Books 11-20

Each book includes extensive teaching notes and ideas to assist volunteer tutors.


Level 1: Pack A

Book Title IPA Phoneme
1 Friends e  as in pet
2 Can you guess? a  as in pat
3 Party

d  as in dame
t  as in tale
4 Australians o  as in top
5 The market th  as in then
6 Shiny sh  as in show
7 Sports      
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s  as in seal
r  as in rain
8 Questions i  as in child
9 Owen and Joan oa  as in boat
10 Can you name them? a  as in bay


Level 1: Pack B

Book Title IPA Phoneme
11 A nasty man a  as in grass
12 Bill and Jill i  as in hill
13 Mother and son u  as in mud
14 Tijan liked to eat ea  as in seat
15 My island a  as in apart
16 A big mistake u  as in put
17 Khan goes to kinder
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k  as in kitten
18 Babies b  as in bet
19 Lucky Lee l  as in last
20 Measuring

z  as in zoo
s  as in measure


Mother and son   A big mistake