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What is Sound English®?

Sound English® books meet the need to provide adults who are new to Australian English with suitable reading material. Although there are many excellent resources available for children, there is a shortage of resources that:

   • have high quality, simple reading material that is of interest to adults
   • support learners as they learn the sounds used in Australian pronunciation
   • present spelling choices in a carefully structured, easy-to-follow manner.

Each book includes detailed but simple tutor notes.

Who can it help?

Sound English® is an ideal resource for teachers and volunteer tutors of:
   • adults newly arrived in Australia who are beginning to speak and read English
   • adults and secondary school students who have difficulty with basic literacy
   • adults and secondary school students who are students learning English as second language.

Students in Timor Leste unsing Sound English Software
Sound English books and software at Atabae School, Timor Leste.

How is it structured?

There are three levels: Preliminary, Level 1 and Level 2.


Ten books that introduce essential sight words and provide illustrations that form a useful basis for talking with the tutor.
      Level 1
Twenty books that introduce 23 basic sounds of Australian English. The language is simple, with a full-colour illustration on every page.
      Level 2
Twenty books that introduce the remaining 21 sounds using more complex text that's been designed to provide repeated exposure to sounds covered in earlier books.


Sound English® Software is an important enhancement to the Sound English® texts. It is based on the highly acclaimed approach used in Greygum Software’s software to accompany Fitzroy Talking Readers, Spinout Stories (see box below), and PM Story Books, Gems and Stars.

As each page is shown on the screen students can try reading it aloud, then listen to male and female voices model the correct pronunciation in an Australian accent. If a word is causing difficulty students can click on it to hear it spoken by a different voice.

An essential part of the software is a set of questions and activities for each of the books, along with facilities for students to write their own text for each page, then print it and make it into their own book. Level 1 packages also offer spelling exercises.

Preliminary Level, Level 1 Books 1-10 and Level 1 Books 11-20 packs are now available for Windows and Mac computers. The software is suitable for Windows (Windows 98 and later, including Windows 8) and Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.

Affordable Personal Editions of the Preliminary and Level 1 books, containing just the Reading module, are available for the iPad®, iPad Mini®,iPhone® and iPod Touch®. Details...

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Free resources
We have produced some helpful resources for teachers and tutors using Sound English.

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